Monday, January 19, 2009

My thoughts on this day...

Many are offering thoughts and opinions on our usual 4 or 8 year changing of the guard. I am marveled every time it happens here in the USA. What it truly says about our principals and convictions, despite the fact many people didn't vote for the winner. Even when President Bush took the oath 8 years ago, I had a knot in my stomach that day knowing it was the right thing to do, even though I was not an admirer of his.

So my stomach turns again Tuesday, January 20 when Obama takes the country's reins. I am very excited about his presidency, as well as reticent. Like this person, I think back to when Bill Clinton became president, and there was so much hope and potential in his presidency. Then it came crashing down in the wake of Health Care reform, Newt Gingrich and the 1994 elections, and totally fizzled because of his bumbling around with Lewinsky. Think about all that happened during those 8 years that were not taken advantage of properly. The rise of democracy in the old Soviet Union and the technological and economic boom happened, and our country remained stagant, unable to capitalize. President Clinton screwed that up... big time.

Now Obama takes the country lead. There are so many challenges, it's hard to believe he will successful with all of them. And how he deals with it when people get disappointed will be important. People in this country need to manage their expectations. Be realistic with what you expect to our country to accomplish. Hopefully he can motivate, as he did in his campaign, people to act to improve our country and our communities. In my lifetime, I have never seen so many people moved by an individual or a movement, like Obama has moved the left. I am, in part, sorry I never participated with it. Actually, there was one time I went to Obama's website. I was so impressed, as I went there to get some issue information the first page to come up was a link to Red Cross, urging visitors to support the victims of one of the hurricane's last summer. I immediately went to the Red Cross and made a $50 donation. I never returned to Obama's site after that, I guess I got the information I needed.

Hopefully in ways like that, President-Elect Obama can improve our country during his term. His call to us tomorrow will be about what we ALL need to do, and we can't forget it, nor should he let us forget it.

Ways Obama has moved people I have been intrigued with...

Born Again American

Yes I Can - This story from NPR over the weekend I found fascinating about the following video...

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