Thursday, January 01, 2009

Maeve turns four!

Us singing to our beautiful Maeve. Got some new video software I'm trying out, hopefully will be putting more videos out for all to see!

How long til Warner pulls the sound on this? Anyone have a guess?

Does Warner have the rights now? Max's piano teacher talks about how restaurants don't use the traditional Happy Birthday song because of copyright infringement. She seems to think that a family member still owns the copyright.


PS I was pleased to find the "Straigt No Chaser - 12 days of Christmas" video on their myspace page after YouTube pulled it.
Happy birthday Maeve!!

Hugs from the Philippines,
What software are you using? I am currently working on my home DVD's with Roxio Creator. I have been working on my video from the Alaska trip. I want to get good enough to do the DVD's for the kids when they come. Right now, someone at work does them for me. I want to be able to do them and be able to personalize them for the kids as a keepsake for their time in the US.
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