Thursday, December 18, 2008

Linkert Family Christmas Card Quiz! - UPDATED

OK folks, more of our Christmas cards are going out in the mail now. After reading, head back here, and take the quiz and win prizes!

Fourth round starts now!

First and Second round winners include -
First one to take the quiz - Jo Linkert, Paula Bies, Roger Grupp
Most correct answers - Mary Andersen, Paula Bies, Roger Grupp
One who lives closest - George and Jo Linkert
One who live furthest - Mary Andersen, Paula Bies


Click here to take the quiz!

if I could get my lottery ticket b4 christmas that would be great.
actually I wasn't sure on the EXACT blue color of your boat. Or Janets eyes for that matter.
I'm disputing the google question. When I googled GML4, the first thing that came up was the University of St. Andrew's site. Oh well...

Yeah... that's not working like quite right. Used to be everytime I google GML4, one of the answers came up every time.

I agree the google question is a throw out.
Who is Sara Linkert?
She's the one who lives closest to us, and gets us to come caroling!

No one has taken the quiz yet in this round... easy prizes for those who check here regularly!

2nd round ends Sat night.
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