Sunday, November 02, 2008

Vote "NO" on state referendum - Clean Water, Land and Legacy

Consider voting "No" on the state referendum on the "Clean Water, Land and Legacy" Amendment.

As a lover of nature and Minnesota's beautiful landscape, and someone who's main passion in life is Art, I don't take this decision lightly. I strongly believe our state government should be fully funding our state parks, and maintaining our beautiful natural landscape. And I think it's criminal sometimes how many of our state's art projects are used as pawns in a financially tight time.

But funding measures on a state referendum is wrong. What we are voting on is to amend the state's constitution to fund this particular cause. State referendum's should be about whether gambling in the state is legal, or putting term limits on state officials. The legislative process is the proper route for issues like this, so we should be asking our legislators to do their job, and make decisions like this.

The other problem with this issue if it passes, GOP legislators who have been tightly clinging to their "No New Taxes" pledge can go back to their constituents, and say, "I didn't raise your taxes! The voters decided to do that! It's not my fault!"

All of our state legislators (GOP and DFL) need to make the tough decisions. Don't let them pass the "decision making buck" onto us.

So please consider voting "NO" on the state referendum.

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