Friday, October 03, 2008

Letters from Veteran Parents

Another great post from Bob Collins... inspired by a recent article in the Star Tribune.

There is a sense out there that parents right now over-schedule their kids, and that they are spending time with their kids, while on the sidelines during soccer games. "Experts" are suggesting parents should prioritize, and have a meal with their kids, before cheering for them to score that goal.

He finishes...

My generation is now releasing their over-parented, over-scheduled kids to the world. Our job is (mostly) done. We have more time to sit back and read the reviews above, knowing that we don't get a do-over. It is a moment of parental passage, and it's way worse than the "terrible twos."

So today, I'm calling on the News Cut parenting veterans to compose a letter to the parents of the next generation. Armed as we are with the knowledge we did it wrong, we can nonetheless provide some guidance.

I'll start, and you can add your paragraph in the comments section below. Keep it positive and base your paragraph only on your own experiences, not on criticizing others.

Here's my contribution...

Dear parents of the next generation:

Do the best you can.

If you go to the comments in Bob's post, there are some great letters. I don't know if I should contribute, since I'm not a veteran parent, but since many of you out there are, perhaps you may have a contribution of your own...

Aw heck... here's my letter...

Dear parents of the next generation:

Your kids can play without you. Please let them.


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