Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My mom told me a couple days ago she saw my Aunt Nancy, and my Uncle Claremont (my Godparent BTW) on a commercial on TV. I looked for it, but didn't find anything an the usual suspect websites.

As I have talked briefly about before... their son, my cousin, Stuart Anderson had been killed in a helicopter crash a couple years ago in Iraq. They have always been very political, and I am proud that they have the courage to stand up, and fight for what they believe.

Then this was posted Tuesday at dailykos, as well as many other sites around the Internet.

It's amazing how much they get around. First, they get recognized by Amy Klobuchar when she wins her Senate race two years ago, Al Franken recognized them as he was preparing to run for Norm Coleman's seat. Then a St. Paul blogger notices them two summers ago.

God I love my family... (well most of them anyway....)

This is a very nice, touching tribute to parents' love and feelings. It also points out just one way (there are many) we've all been disserved by Coleman/Bush/the Republicans/the media..... and why we need new Democratic leadership in Washington!
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