Sunday, August 31, 2008

Down syndrome in politics

Just in case some people wonder what I think...

First, I am excited to have a mother of a child with Down syndrome running for Vice President. I think that getting families like ours out in front of the world will help educate and inform people about Down syndrome, and other people with disabilities.

As people are talking about her candidacy, some have asked (including John Roberts at CNN) whether a person who has an infant with Down syndrome, could be a Vice President and a good parent. I think it's a great question, especially from someone who may not be familiar with what such a family life may hold.

After receiving the news that our baby was to be born with Down syndrome, I spent a lot of time thinking about what this news meant to our family. Soon after, we got a book that was a series of essays written by real families (I think it was... You Will Dream New Dreams). Each family talked about their family situation and the child's disability impact on it. There was a broad range of disabilities in the book, from children with Down syndrome, to children with severe health issues, to children who died months, or days after being born.

After reading this broad range of stories, I was very uplifted. Because each of those families... were still families. There was love, laughter, good times, and sad times. Do you know of any family out there without these qualities?

So I imagine all of Gov. Palin's children will have an impact on her work life, from the infant with Down syndrome, to the oldest one who is serving in the armed forces.

Are these reason's not to vote for McCain/Palin?


However... I can think of a lot of other reason's not to vote for them... Iraq, the economy, supreme court, energy, climate change....

Yes, we were wondering what you thought. Good comments. We agree.

Anna & Lynn
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