Thursday, January 03, 2008

Maeve's education

We have always been happy with the services our family has recieved for Maeve at both Hopkins, and Westonka schools. Her teachers have been nurturing, intelligent, and wonderful people to work with her, and us as a family. They deserve much credit to the physical and cognitive successes Maeve has had these last three years.

For those who may not understand how this works, in Minnesota special education for children under three provides support and education for the family. We have had teachers, speech therapists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists coming by, sometimes weekly, to work with Maeve, and us as a family, go support Maeve during her first years. They have provided essential encouragement, useful techniques, and quality professionalism as we have learned about Maeve, and her abilities.

This has really come to light now that Cecelia has been growing up rapidly. We really didn't have to encourage and push Cecelia to roll over, stand up, or crawl. It was all automatic for her. We sometimes had to push Maeve to want to stand, crawl, and now to speak. Her teachers have really given us great insight into what to look for, and for ways to encourage Maeve on her continued growth.

All the teachers Maeve has had have, including those at Hopkins when we were living there her first few months have been fantastic, and we remember them all. Lori, Lynn F., Barb, Bonnie, Donna, Ann, James, Lynne B. and Eileen. Also, all the background people (secretarys, substitute teachers, administrators) are also appreciated. The West Suburban Early Intervention Team were also great people those first few weeks, instrumental in hooking us up with the Hopkins schools. All played an important part to Maeve, and all of us so far. They also put up with with Maeve's parents when we messed up with appointment dates, or times, or accidentally slept in, or dealing with our desire to keep 7:30 appointments.

Here are some pictures from March 2004, this with Lynn F., her first physical therapist...

Maeve's Baptism 002.jpg

Here with Laurie, her teacher from the Hopkins schools...

Maeve's Baptism 003.jpg

And here she is with Bonnie (occupational therapy), a couple weeks ago...

maeveteachers 003.jpg

And Ann (teacher) and Eileen (Speech therapist).

maeveteachers 006.jpg

Now that Maeve is three, she moves on with her education. She will be starting preschool next week. There will be a little yellow bus that will pull up to our driveway, Maeve will get in it, and be taken away to the next journey of her education. We met her teachers already, and they all seem to be competent educators, and are excited to see Maeve in their classroom. As parents, excitement and anxiousness grow in our hearts and stomachs as next week approaches. I guess this is the next step in the development of a human who needs their parents just a little bit less than before. We can live with that.

So the question that looms in my mind... what are Cecelia and I going to do in the mornings for those three days of the week?! Doesn't seem like it's going to be any fun without Maeve.

thank you for sharing maeve. i've seen her first in you tube and saw what a beautiful baby she is.

as a mom of a child with ds, maeve has been an inspiration to me. i always read your blog to see if you've written anything about her. kudos to your family for loving and taking very good care of her.

cheche, philippines
Wow! Maeve is going to be in preschool!
My hearty blessings to her !

- Sangeetha
This is really a big step, for Maeve, Cecelia and her parents. She will just wow them with her sweetness and her smarts.

Love her,

Grandma Jo
Wow! Kumusta po Cheche! Glad to hear from you... we'd love to see a picture of your family. Please email one if possible at, and tell us more about you. How deep is the snow in your neck of the woods? ;)
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