Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Voter ID laws

My "scandal" last week, when the election judge was asking registered voters for ID, spurred a few discussions about the issue of requiring ID when casting a vote. Many people don't understand why it's a big deal, and suggest that requiring it would be a good idea, especially Republicans.

Why do you think Republicans want this type of requirement hmmm???

Republicans often cry about the integrity of the vote, claiming that people and organizations are voting multiple times. Requiring an ID to vote, they claim, insures that people are who they say they are. It's such a resonable request...

Election fraud appears to be very rare... Legal and news records turned up little evidence of significant fraud in these states or any indication that fraud is more than a minor problem. Interviews with state officials further confirmed this impression.
I just read a Washington Monthly post about recent study done in Indiana.

It turns out Indiana has the toughest voter ID law in the nation. The study looked at the voting requirements, and how they affected voters, particularly minorities, and the young and older voters. They also looked at party affiliations. It turns out all these likely Democratic party voters are less likely to have the proper ID. And not only by a couple of percentage points, but...

found that 86 percent of white eligible voters had current, valid photo identification, compared to 73 percent of black eligible voters.
So let me ask that question again, why would Republicans be pushing so hard for these voter ID laws?

It's a fact, in the history of voting in this country there have been barriers to voting. At first only while, male, property owners could vote, then women were finally allowed. Poll taxes were eliminated. And then, not too long ago, the Civil rights Act was passed, insuring minorities could vote. Whenever there's a barrier to voting it affects the disenfranchised, people on the outside, or are disconnected. A state law requiring identification would only lead to further disenfranchisement.

So please take this issue seriously. I look forward to hearing your comments.

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