Friday, November 09, 2007

5 years ago today...

I was at a good point in my life. I had a full time job, and was working with a realtor and planning to buy a small house or condo. Starting my second year with the Seward Concert Band, I was already on the board, and was the associate conductor. Through them I was also playing regularly with a brass quintet, and was making some new, good friends.

I also was single, and looking for dating opportunities.

Before this date, 5 years ago today, Janet and I met only in the most serendipitous moments. I think we barely exchanged a word my first year in the SCB (she play sax after all). That summer in June, unable to find anyone to go with me, I went downtown Minneapolis by myself to listen to some Jazz at the Hot Summer Jazz festival. I got there early (of course) and took a prime viewing table all to myself. As the music was playing, Janet suddenly appeared with a guy friend (probably her date) to listen to a friend of theirs, and they asked if they could join me. Why not?! So we got to visit a short while, and after their friend was done, they went on the merry way to continue their date (I assume).

In late August, the Japanese garden lighting festival at Como park in St. Paul was on my calendar. I had been looking forward to this for over two years, but the day had come, and again, I couldn't find anyone to come with me. So all by myself again, I headed to the event. It wasn't long before I was walking past a bunch of food booths (serving icky Japanese food) when I hear someone calling out my name. It was Janet again! She was working at one of the booths, and was wondering what I was doing there. I briefly explained my situation, and it turned out she was a Japanese expert. She said she would be done after another hour or so, and suggested we hook up at that point. I agreed, and walked around the exhibits by myself, and enjoyed the music. We hooked up, and we went through the exhibits and she explained some of the finer details to me. Later, we got in line for the main event, the lighting at the Japanese garden! This is what I was really excited about, as the garden is beautiful by itself, but tonight they would light up the lanterns, and place floating candles in the pond. The line was long, however, and since Janet had seen it before, and had a long bike ride to get home, she excused herself before we got into the garden. I still thoroughly enjoyed the lighted garden however, and had a nice conversation with a lady who was in line near me.

So in the fall, when the Seward band season started up again, I saw Janet after rehearsals when a group of us often went to get a bite to eat. We got to know each other better of course, and we found out both of us loved Shakespeare, especially "Much Ado About Nothing". Janet had noticed that the University of Minnesota drama department was performing this play in November. So we picked a date (November 10th) and planned to go.

I didn't know what to expect from our date. Though Janet and I had been friendly, I thought I had received signals from her last summer that she wouldn't be romantically interested in me. However, she gave a small, gift to me for my birthday earlier in the week. which threw me off. So I tried not to thing about romance too much, and just wanted to have a good time, enjoy my favorite play with her, and enjoy her company.

It was a Sunday and my parents anniversary (which I don't think I acknowledged, and I didn't tell them what I was up to that day, I was living with them at the time), I had just left my realtor as we had looked at a couple small house in Robbinsdale, and I was a few minutes late to pick her up. I called her as I was on my way, and she was going to meet me at the door. When I pulled up, I opened the car door for her, and we went straight to the play.

Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy, and the school did a fine job with it. We enjoyed a nice meal at Grandma's afterward, and I took her home. We had fun, we talked, we enjoyed each other... at the end I really wanted to see her again, and wanted her to know it. So I reached over and kissed her before she got out of the car, which she seemed to enjoy, so I kissed her again. She let herself out (my biggest regret of the date was that I didn't get out and open the door for her) and that was the end of our first date, 5 years ago.

So I was at a good point in my life 5 years ago, but today I am at a great point in my life. We have a beautiful home, beautiful children, and we are still in love. So we will celebrate in our own way with the girls this momentous day. The beginning of the best 5 years of my life started on this date. Thank you for all of it Janet. I Love You!

That was so sweet!!!! Congrats to you guys, glad to hear you are still so happy together!! :O)
Yes, this is very special. congrats!
Similar story, different venues, until one night (last night, November 9, sixteen years ago) Tim finally kissed me and I was very relieved to know we weren't just friends! And here we are sixteen years, five kids, two major remodeling projects and one mother-in-law later and we're still in love! Aint love grand?!!!

Happy five years -- here's to many more!

Ann Bremer
Thanks for the the good wishes! We had a nice time today, topped off with a Lasagna dinner at my parents.
Nice to know we share the day.

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