Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ideas for cutting costs in education

I don't know how to start this post...

This is a video of a news story on the local FOX news station. It's about Phil Krinke, a former state representative, and now president of the Minnesota Taxpayers League (a conservative, anti-tax organization). He spoke recently suggesting some "outside of the box" idea's he's had about reducing costs in education.

One idea...

"Among the ideas he discussed, was high school class sizes of 100, 200
or more. It would make them similar to college and would remove
special needs students from the regular school system."

Yes... let's not taint our schools with those students with special needs...

It's people like this that are campaigning against the school levy votes next week.

Hat tip - Polinaut

Please be sure to vote next week (Nov. 6th), and support your schools.

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