Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Merry Christmas!

That's right... it snowed again... Our new lilacs haven't opened yet. Stupid snow.

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I think I saw Rudolph over my house last night. . . but no presents were under the tree. hmmm
No snow in Boston.... yet... but they say it's coming. Good thing I did my walking outside tonight. Was very nice - I could have endured sitting outside for a baseball game. But instead I just walked around Fenway Park and listened to the crowd cheer on their new phenom pitcher Dice-K (I even got a paper dice hat from some folks near the stadium handing them out!)Took pictures too. If I knew how to post them, I would. Maybe GML4 can talk me through it. I didn't stay there long, but hopped a train back to Quincy Market and had a nice dinner of crab cakes with cole slaw and fries. Also had clam chowder for a starter. I am loving the seafood out here!! I ordered a piece of Boston Cream Pie to take back to the hotel with me.
The conference has been good so far. The keynote speaker this morning was really interesting! Talked all about the changing media these days. Along with the expectation people, and learners in particular have that they should be able to interact and participate with the media options they encounter. Has a lot of bearing on what we, as trainers can and should be doing. Anyway, that's my report from here.
Glad to see the pictures, and especially the video from last night. Such sweet girls, and their very lovable Daddy! Love to be able to witness the scene! Miss you all!!
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