Monday, April 02, 2007

Ice melting...


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Can anyone confirm that this is a woodduck? I know they're supposed to be native to Minnesota, but I don't remember seeing them outside a zoo...

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Maybe if you could get a little bit better picture. With a little more detail.
... and for those of you who are not in Minnesota... it's supposed to snow tommorrow.

I think I will go into full blown denial, wear shorts and a t-shirt, and fire up the grill.
I was wondering what he was getting at about the Sax player. I'm afraid to report this next info, but Emily decided (for the mement)that she wants to play the trombone. A girl she knows in middle school plays trombone, and Emily saw her play at a concert. Now, that is the instrument of choice - we'll see...

If it gives you any comfort we are supposed to have snow this evening and possibly off and on during the entire holiday weekend. Last I looked Pittsburgh (where we will be on Easter) was also predicting snow that day.
It does make me feel better... misery loves company!
I should also point out they officially said Lake Minnetonka was "ice free" yesterday...
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