Sunday, April 08, 2007

Greetings from Boston!

So far we are having a great time, although winter followed us here.... it's VERY chilly! And windy!! We had a nice meal in the North End (Italian neighborhood) last night, and spent most of this afternoon at the JFK Presidential Library - we both enjoyed that a lot (except for the 20 min. movie on the Cuban Missile Crisis, which I, Janet, slept through!). We experienced a beautiful Easter service at a newly restored old (1850s) church called Trinity. Wonderful music, and a very large congregation, packed to the ceiling (we were in the balcony). I haven't been able to convince George Matthew that he needs to walk the Freedom Trail (he didn't bring very warm clothes) . Sounds like the girls are having a nice time at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and slept pretty good for them last night (phew!). We really appreciate their (G&G's) willingness to take them for 3 whole days!

We will try to update again tomorrow, hopefully with some pictures. Tonight we are going out for another nice meal (we hope) at a place we have a gift certificate for.... not McCormick & Schmick's although we keep seeing those all over Boston (like the one we celebrated our anniversary at in Minneapolis). Matt wishes he had brought the g.c. he has for that place here as well. Oh well... next time!

Hope the weather is a bit warmer tomorrow, but if not, we have ideas of spending the day at the Museum of Fine Arts, and another one nearby the MFA called the "Garden" -- it's actually Isabella Gardner or something like that. Anyway, another large collection of noteworthy artwork. Think we'll pass on the Mapparium, and the Aquarium, this time.

Hey Janet and Matt,

Cool things in Boston to see! You should walk the Freedom Trail. It is really intersting and fun to see. Even without 'warm' clothes you will keep warm walking! I loved doing that when I was there. So much to see along the way. Get an extra sweatshirt if you have to, but do the trail!
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