Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dinner and Bath

Another video for mom...

Great video! Thank you so much!! It's amazing that you can make me cry and laugh, all at the same time (no, I wasn't crying about your coupon discussion, nor was I laughing due to your "joke"). I enjoyed it very much -- it's almost like being there with you! I don't think I've ever seen Maeve gesture as if to wash her own hair as I saw in the bath scene. She is growing up while I'm away (who, and how did you teach her to do Ring Around the Rosie? I've been trying that for a while with little progress!) Anyway, it was really fun to see this. Thanks again!
I love you and miss you all! Enjoy your day and especially band this evening!
Glad you liked it! Maeve has kind of been doing the ring around the Rosie for a week or so... as we were playing the other day, Cecelia was watching. So I drew her in, though I don't think she understands the falling down part yet.
Aw, Matt, what a good daddy you are.
Gee thanks for the update on the coupons. . . .
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