Wednesday, March 28, 2007

3 years later... it rains... but the Kid starts this time...

Inspired by the nice weather, and Janet and mine 3rd Anniversary, I dug up the Kid out of my parents garaged, and fired him up. There's more to the story here, but that's for one of my long boring posts, so I'll skip it for now.

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Sara brought the girls over, so we got them piled in the back seat.

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And on the trunk too...

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"Hey... doesn't this car have FM??!!"

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So I picked up Janet, and we cruised down the river road for a bit.

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Had a nice meal... and drove home in the rain.

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Happy Anniversary my Love!

Best. Car. Ever.

If only I could have started it at the wedding!
I think the Dart only likes Matt or George. Actually it started really good for Jon and I last summer when we took it out one weekend. Maybe it just likes Linkerts. haha Smart car. (nothing against you Scott.)
Happy Anniversary Matt and Janet! Sounds like you had a great day.
Thanks to all for the anniversary greetings! And thanks especially to my wonderful husband for all the efforts to surprise me with a nice, romantic, evening out to celebrate! Seeing the Kid waiting at the curb to pick me up filled me with joy at remembering our marvelous wedding day! Most of that was credit to my very loving, and creative George Matthew, but also due to all our great friends and family who shared the day with us. You continue to give us your love and support year after year and we really couldn't have done all we've done (in 3 short years!) without all of you in our lives. Thank you all!! Love, Janet
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