Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Since you asked....

MPR asks...

MPR News listeners have probably noticed meteorologists Craig Edwards and Paul Huttner providing regular weather updates during Morning Edition and All Things Considered. As another winter storm approaches, I'm wondering what folks think about these segments.
I'm not a big fan of meteorologists. When MPR brought them onto their morning and afternoon schedules my opinion of them hasn't changed.

I don't like how meteorologists are set up to be these wonderful bastions of information. They come on the air, and anchors ask them questions about "Why is it cold out?", giving the meteorologist a chance to show how smart he/she is, and explaining the kabuki of air pressure systems and jet streams. Then finally sharing their wonderful weather predictions.

Related to this is the information meteorologist share with us... much of what we learned in our elementary and high school sciences... or if not there, growing up watching the 10 o'clock news, and seeing all the weather discussion. After one year of watching the 10 o'clock weather here in MN, and as long as you have long term memory, you'll probably learn all you need to know about it.

I also don't like the pumped-up attention given to extreme weather situations, like the present snowstorm. Really... we've all gone through these things before... can we please stop acting like it's the blizzard of the century. Of course, I will qualify this statement in acknowledging MPR is not as bad as the rest of the local media.

Lastly... all I really want, and expect, from MPR is the basic weather information. The additions of your meteorologists has taken away good air from real news. If I want more weather information, I'll turn to 'the neighbor' (which I have done maybe twice in the last 4 years).

Thanks for asking for my opinion!


when is the easter egg hunt again?
you better watch M. Lauer in the mornings for up to date information on that.
LOL! You missed the Easter Egg Hunt! It was last week during the hurricane/earthquake party we held for the WWI veteran survivors last week!
what does LOL mean?
laugh out loud
Which, I should add... is not a smart thing to do when you have 2 sleeping babies in the house!
Lets get back to pictures of the girls!!
Oh.... I was just working on another post about coupons... wouldn't you like to read that instead?
No thank you. Pictures... pictures... pictures... that's what we want! We especially need to see those bright, shiny faces on a dreary, snowy day like today!
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