Monday, February 12, 2007

Saving big!

For the last couple months, as I've been trying to get this day care started, Janet and I have been trying to save money. We've become very good bargin shoppers/coupon clippers, and the savings are really starting to add up. We've started with just focusing on Buy One Get One (BOGO) free deals at Cub, which easily cut our grocery bills 30%!

For example, we went to Cub foods on Superbowl Sunday (it wasn't very busy during the big game!) and shopped with a list that was mostly BOGO or we had a coupon for. Basically we spent $200 for over $300 worth of groceries, saving over $100! We felt very good about that trip.

I've been also finding blogs and resources online for shopping, and find the 'experts' claim they often save over 50% on their groceries. Most claim they even have received such deals, that they walk away with groceries AND a little extra cash in their pocket.

So last week, I went to our local Jubilee Foods grocer, intending to get only BOGO offers. I was successful, and along with a couple coupons I spent over $40 for $80 worth of groceries... almost achieving the 50% savings!

This week, Jubilee only had one BOGO, but they did have a deal where if you purchased 10 participating items (and had $20 worth of total items), they would take $5 off your total grocery bill. Looking over the list, I recognized a few items I had coupons for... including Green Giant frozen vegetables, Hamburger Helpers, and Betty Crocker Au Gratin potatoes. I knew I might be able to break the 50% margin with these deals....

So I went today, and here's the receipt. I spent $9.94 for $22.58 in groceries, saving $12.64 (or 56%) worth in coupons. The advantage at Jubilee is they double some of the coupons. Here's the proof.
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So I'm aiming to achieve the 50% savings again, except at a larger scale when we need to go to Cub foods again.

Thanks for inspiring us Matt! I always look at the coupons and think that we should use them, but rarely do! We will have to give it a try to!
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