Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our Valentine's Day begins

Cecelia is at Grandma and Grandpa's house... Maeve is sleeping peacefully... everything begins in a few hours. Hopefully there will be a place I can update this blog at the hospital, otherwise I may not get home until the afternoon.

We appreciate everyones thoughts and prayers!

Here's a quick picture to remind us all that she is still our baby!

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Talk to George Matt this morning and said that Maeve is now in surgery. She went in about 8:30. Mom And Dad are doing fine.

Grandma Jo

Cecelia is also doing great. Pulling all books off the shelves. But slept like a little angel.
Take care and I hope that everything works out ok with Maeve!
Good luck to all the Linkerts today. Thinking about you from ice-bound New Jersey.
Talk to George Matt and says surgery went very well. That was about 10:30am

Grandma Jo
Thanks for the comments Mom! Maybe we can send some of our MN warmth to our friends in NJ.
Thinking of you. Thanks for the updates.
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