Thursday, February 08, 2007

Maeve's Hair

Funny video.... warning... it's 12 minutes long.

The errors from before are now fixed.


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This video was on Minnesota Stories... a website that features a different video everyday. You can see the link here...

Maybe she would like a few inches cut off her hair? :) Then it would be easier to comb? you could still do ponytails
Goodness. I am laughing sooo hard.
Congratulations Matt, on your patience and good nature. I would of had my two girls in restraints in the first two minutes.
Loved the video and glad you shared. Wished more dads would do that!!!
PS- Nice hairdo on Maeve. Next occupation . . . a hair stylist?? hmmm.
We have had problems with Rachel's hair too. We used a spray in detangler similar to what you have in the video and it worked good up until 3-4 months ago. We started using conditioner in her hair during bathtime and it has worked wonders.

I now know why my mom always gave us pixies! It is easier to deal with and there is not time. Just comb and go. (Especially if there is more than 1). I applaud you Matt! Mom was a beautician and she didn't have that much patience!
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