Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Maeve sleeps

Just wanted to let people know that Maeve slept most of the day today. Janet spoke with the doctor, who said Maeve did wonderfully, and everything is now fixed. She will hopefully eat some tonight (Janet can chime in if she did) and will start eating more tomorrow so they can take her off the IV.

Here's a pic of Maeve's hand, or what you can see of it through the wrapping, tubes and sensors.

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Thank you to all who are leaving comments or sending emails of encouragement. It is times like these when we really appreciate all of our good friends and family.

No, Maeve hasn't eaten anything yet. I offered her water a couple of times this evening, but other than wet her whistle, she didn't really "drink" either. The nurse says she doesn't have to, since the IV is keeping her hydrated.

We had a pleasant evening. Maeve was awake and fairly alert most of the time since about 4:00 (dozing off briefly once or twice). She watched a couple of videos (thanks Grandma) and we read some books - the hospital library brought about 6, that are new and fun, and then some of ours from home. She has now fallen asleep pretty soundly, so I am hoping she'll sleep good for most of the night. The nurse just told me her abdomin/bowels "sound good" so we could try giving her clear liquids if she wants, but I think we should wait until morning now if she's going to sleep. Thanks again to everyone who has been praying and keeping us in good thoughts all day! It has given me peace of mind- so thank you!

More updates tomorrow!
Glad to hear everything went well. Hopefully she'll be up and around in no time.
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