Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Linkletter for February!

Thank you Sara for another fun one!


Note the Easter Egg hunt date is wrong here... contact Sara for the correct date.

Easter Egg Hunt will be on Sat. April 7th at Janet and Lawrences house. Time TBD!
That's wrong... the Easter Egg search will be at Allison and Jake's place on Friday, February 28th... Don't miss it!

February 28th won't be on a Friday until the year 2009, but it sounds like a plan! In 2009 lets have the egg hunt at Allison and Jakes house....and bring some frozen eggs.
Sigh. I sent an email about the EE hunt being on 2-29. Would you please delete the previous comments GML4.

I'm really confused now.
Sara, has pregnancy affected you?

I'm assuming the EE hunt is at J & L on Sat., April 7. yes?
are you trying to be funny? are you trying to pretend that you are me? HMMMM, how could I pretend to be GML4 right now? Let me see if I can try:
According to the latest presidential congressional electorial vote it appears that the official Easter Bunny will be hiding its eggs in Janet and Lawrences property. Protestors are to stay on the opposite side of Pilot Knob Rd. as Egg Hunting has been a part of the Linkert Family tradition since Ronald Reagan era. City noise ordinances do not allow for any trombone or saxaphone playing between the hours of 10:30am and 2pm unless the musician of course is wearing an Easter Bunny costume. All parents/grandparents/cousins/aunts/uncles/siblings/nieces/nephews must remain calm and collective if they do not get as many eggs as another family member. You cannot steal anyone else's eggs. If you steal an egg, and are found guilty, you will be punished by Linkert Law.
The real SJLB
What if we find an egg from 2003? euuuuuu. . . .
presidential congressional electorial vote????????
It is the best I could come up with in short notice. Don't make me try to explain myself.
So, the Easter egg hunt will be held as usual with the usual confusion with the usual people with the usual eggs with the usual unorganization the way it is usually held.

Hey gl,
zip it.
although I don't think anyone is reading this part anymore, 'gl' did not appreciate the comment of "zip it". Sorry mom
Oh man... is this still going on? I gotta get some new pictures up!
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