Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The first mistake I made today... turning the TV on.

Saw a blurb about "The Secret" today on Good Morning America (the girls were still sleeping). It is a self help book/movie/internet site that is promising everyones dreams will come true. Had to suffer through Matt Lauer interviewing one of "The Secret" teachers, and a critic(a psychologist I believe).

Hey, I'm a big believer in positive thinking... but thinking your way out of cancer or into ownership of a Corvette isn't likely.

So is that what happens when the girls are sleeping? You watch t.v? Good for you Matt! :)
Does this mean I won't get to meet J.T. in person????
Interesting when you see what is being offered. Maybe you need to check out further.
I hardly ever watch TV... and this morning's episode really made me glad about it.


Yeah... I investigated it a bit... and I'm sure "The Secret" has helped people. I'm also a holistic thinker... and believe we are all connected. However, I don't like way it is being "sold" to people, promoting the "science" behind it.
well I know what to get you for christmas next year!
oh Matt- J. T. . . you know, J O H N T R O V O L T A, who else?
I WILL meet him.
Oh! I want to meet S.M!!
Aunty C---

Do you mean John Travolta or is there some one else with simular name.

I don't think he would like his named misspelled.
Hey... you gotta problem with my Aunt's spelling... pick on mine frist.
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