Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Since you asked....

MPR asks...

MPR News listeners have probably noticed meteorologists Craig Edwards and Paul Huttner providing regular weather updates during Morning Edition and All Things Considered. As another winter storm approaches, I'm wondering what folks think about these segments.
I'm not a big fan of meteorologists. When MPR brought them onto their morning and afternoon schedules my opinion of them hasn't changed.

I don't like how meteorologists are set up to be these wonderful bastions of information. They come on the air, and anchors ask them questions about "Why is it cold out?", giving the meteorologist a chance to show how smart he/she is, and explaining the kabuki of air pressure systems and jet streams. Then finally sharing their wonderful weather predictions.

Related to this is the information meteorologist share with us... much of what we learned in our elementary and high school sciences... or if not there, growing up watching the 10 o'clock news, and seeing all the weather discussion. After one year of watching the 10 o'clock weather here in MN, and as long as you have long term memory, you'll probably learn all you need to know about it.

I also don't like the pumped-up attention given to extreme weather situations, like the present snowstorm. Really... we've all gone through these things before... can we please stop acting like it's the blizzard of the century. Of course, I will qualify this statement in acknowledging MPR is not as bad as the rest of the local media.

Lastly... all I really want, and expect, from MPR is the basic weather information. The additions of your meteorologists has taken away good air from real news. If I want more weather information, I'll turn to 'the neighbor' (which I have done maybe twice in the last 4 years).

Thanks for asking for my opinion!


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The first mistake I made today... turning the TV on.

Saw a blurb about "The Secret" today on Good Morning America (the girls were still sleeping). It is a self help book/movie/internet site that is promising everyones dreams will come true. Had to suffer through Matt Lauer interviewing one of "The Secret" teachers, and a critic(a psychologist I believe).

Hey, I'm a big believer in positive thinking... but thinking your way out of cancer or into ownership of a Corvette isn't likely.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cecelia Wednesday Picture

For 2-22...

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On the deck!

It was kind of nice outside today... in the sun. So the girls and I spent some time out on the deck.

They couldn't decide at first... in, or out?
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How about I go in, and you go out?
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Ok... let's both go out...
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I'm going back in... ok?
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So where are the boats?
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I couldn't climb up on these last fall...
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Hey dad! Can we plug in the Christmas lights?!?!
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A good video...

This guy lives near Mound, and posts these amazing videos about once a month. They are almost always worth watching completely. Here's his most recent sharing a life changing event with us. Something we all (including myself) can learn from.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Linkletter for February!

Thank you Sara for another fun one!


Note the Easter Egg hunt date is wrong here... contact Sara for the correct date.


Maeve reads a get well card... Thank you Target TTS friends!

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Cecelia fell a couple days ago, and recieved this beautiful bruise on her cheek. Daddy clearly wasn't watching her close enough... Sorry baby girl!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Maeve comes home!

We picked up Maeve and Mom, then a Lasanga, and headed home. Maeve was in good spirits and Cecelia was hungry (it was over an hour after the usual suppertime). It was nice to have us all home. I'm afraid I didn't take any pictures when we got home, but will endevour to do so tommorrow.

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I guess mom wanted to show off after my earlier video of me doing Maeve's hair. She "claims" Maeve didn't scream while she was doing it. Show off.

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A strange video

I found this posted at with the only explanation that is was in Baghdad. I have to admit I both laughed and was astonished by this. You can hear the guy blowing his horn, so I assumed he was on his way somewhere important, perhaps to engage 'the enemy'.

Then I found the source, and that claimed that this is how all American troops drive in Baghdad. I guess the fear is that if they get stuck in traffic, they are vulnerable to attack. If true, it makes this video a sad statement in regards to our efforts over there.

Maeve's coming home!

Maeve just was visited by the Doctor, and he gave her the green light to come home. Cecelia and I are on our way to get her and mommy. Yay!

Maeve and Mom slept real well!

Just talked to Janet and she reports they slept great last night. They are leaving the IV in her right now, as they want to see her drink fluids today. She did well last night, so hopefully that will continue. We are hoping to come home today, but we'll see.

Thanks to Grandma for watching Cecelia last night!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Went to see Maeve today... again

Grandma took Cecelia for the night so I could spend the evening with Maeve and Janet. Maeve ate really good tonight. The doctor ordered the catheter off, so all she has now is an IV, and they are continuing to monitor her pain. We are hoping she can come home tomorrow.

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Went to see Maeve today

Maeve had Grandma, Pastor Loren, Cecelia and I all at the same time today. She was pretty quiet when we first got there, and very mellow.

After Pastor Loren left, we went to play in a playroom they have down the hall. Maeve went straight to a doll stroller, and left the room, with Mom behind her trying to keep her tubes untangled. She pushed that stroller up and down the hallway.

She then hit a wall (mentally I mean) and showed how tired she was. She slept in my arms for a bit, while Mom, Cecelia and Grandma went to the Cafeteria to have lunch.

She probably won't see the doctor til later this afternoon. She was eating some Jello... and that it about it so far.

I missed you daddy! (I think that's what she said)
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Janet follows Maeve
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It was good to see her walk about.
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Maeve walks by a smiling nurse for the 3rd time.
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I missed you mommy! (I know that's what she said!)
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Maeve isn't too sure about the Jello, but Cecelia wouldn't mind some!
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Update for Maeve

Maeve and mom had a rough night. Maeve wasn't sleeping well in the crib, so Janet suggested they bring a full sized bed in for them both to sleep in. I guess that worked pretty good.

Apparently Maeve enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada and Good Night, and Good Luck last night... mom slept through them.

'lia and I are going to visit them this morning.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cecelia Wednesday

Of course, since it's Wednesday, it's it time for a Cecelia picture. She misses her sister of course, but seem to appreciate the chance to play with toys and read some books without her sister taking something away from her. Anyway, here she is missing her sister, and mommy.

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Maeve sleeps

Just wanted to let people know that Maeve slept most of the day today. Janet spoke with the doctor, who said Maeve did wonderfully, and everything is now fixed. She will hopefully eat some tonight (Janet can chime in if she did) and will start eating more tomorrow so they can take her off the IV.

Here's a pic of Maeve's hand, or what you can see of it through the wrapping, tubes and sensors.

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Thank you to all who are leaving comments or sending emails of encouragement. It is times like these when we really appreciate all of our good friends and family.

Surgery went well!

At least it seems it went well... we haven't spoken to the doctor yet. Maeve is resting peacefully in Mommy's arms.

Here she is playing with the dreaded mask.

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Here she is playing more...
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Here she is with mommy after we got into our room.
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Our room
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Our Valentine's Day begins

Cecelia is at Grandma and Grandpa's house... Maeve is sleeping peacefully... everything begins in a few hours. Hopefully there will be a place I can update this blog at the hospital, otherwise I may not get home until the afternoon.

We appreciate everyones thoughts and prayers!

Here's a quick picture to remind us all that she is still our baby!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Since the girls are napping... let's talk about those WWI veterans.

... ok, well, Maeve is not napping yet, but since she isn't screaming too loudly, I wanted to produce an update on this post from last December.

Back then, I found out there were only 51 surviving veterans from World War I. I just checked the list again today, and now there are only 39.

Why isn't this being covered in the press? We're seeing an end to a historic group of people. I would think this would be as good as time as any to have tributes and remembrances about this time and era.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Saving big!

For the last couple months, as I've been trying to get this day care started, Janet and I have been trying to save money. We've become very good bargin shoppers/coupon clippers, and the savings are really starting to add up. We've started with just focusing on Buy One Get One (BOGO) free deals at Cub, which easily cut our grocery bills 30%!

For example, we went to Cub foods on Superbowl Sunday (it wasn't very busy during the big game!) and shopped with a list that was mostly BOGO or we had a coupon for. Basically we spent $200 for over $300 worth of groceries, saving over $100! We felt very good about that trip.

I've been also finding blogs and resources online for shopping, and find the 'experts' claim they often save over 50% on their groceries. Most claim they even have received such deals, that they walk away with groceries AND a little extra cash in their pocket.

So last week, I went to our local Jubilee Foods grocer, intending to get only BOGO offers. I was successful, and along with a couple coupons I spent over $40 for $80 worth of groceries... almost achieving the 50% savings!

This week, Jubilee only had one BOGO, but they did have a deal where if you purchased 10 participating items (and had $20 worth of total items), they would take $5 off your total grocery bill. Looking over the list, I recognized a few items I had coupons for... including Green Giant frozen vegetables, Hamburger Helpers, and Betty Crocker Au Gratin potatoes. I knew I might be able to break the 50% margin with these deals....

So I went today, and here's the receipt. I spent $9.94 for $22.58 in groceries, saving $12.64 (or 56%) worth in coupons. The advantage at Jubilee is they double some of the coupons. Here's the proof.
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So I'm aiming to achieve the 50% savings again, except at a larger scale when we need to go to Cub foods again.

Our Valentines Day

We have a big day on Wednesday. Maeve will be going into Children's Hospital to have a procedure to correct what we call, kidney reflux. Occasionally her flow goes the wrong way, and she could be prone to infections if this is not corrected. The procedure will take place Wednesday morning, and she will be in the hospital 2 or 3 days.

We've known about this condition for a long time, and nearly a year ago, we were told that this problem would be unlikely to fix itself.

We are confident in the doctors and his team to take care of Maeve, and know everything will be ok. I will be making updates on Maeve's condition here on our blog. So check in here for the latest news. We always appreciate the support of our friends and family.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Maeve's Hair

Funny video.... warning... it's 12 minutes long.

The errors from before are now fixed.


Make an online slide show at

This video was on Minnesota Stories... a website that features a different video everyday. You can see the link here...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Interesting news

There is something beautiful about this picture. It's believed to be a couple, who were buried together over 5,000 years ago, and they are believed to be hugging

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Or maybe an eternal wrestling match... I hope they don't have that virus that's going around!

The other great bit of news is the Taurus will be coming back next year!

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Ok... I guess it's another car, a something that used to be called Freestyle, or 500 or something, but they are bring the name Taurus back (which was abandoned a year ago) and putting it on this car. I guess the station wagon pictured above will have 3 rows of seats...

Maeve is photogenic!

She was sure smiling... I wish I cleaned up her hair a bit more... but that would probably ruin the smile for you.

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In the chair

Hey, doesn't this thing have a footrest!?

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I know mom would love this grin on Maeve's face.

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Sure is awfully bright out there!

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Cecelia Wednesday

Cecelia and Steerforth have some fun.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fun pics of the girls

We went to the Mall of America to kill some time last week.

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Oooo... this is a big place!

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This wasn't at MOA, but thought it cute all the same.

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My window broke!

We first suspected vandalism, but the police came by, and found no evidence of it, except for this questionable crack....

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I guess the cold weather can break a window like this. Who knew?!

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