Monday, January 15, 2007

GML4 in the news

For those of you who may not have gotten my email, here's a link to an AP article that uses my picture and some quotes for a story. You should check it out if you haven't...

Minn. Fantasy Legislature: nerds at play -

As a close follower of politics and current events, my eyes perked up when I saw on the MPR website the idea of having a Fantasy Legislation game. Bringing together two of my favorite loves, fantasy football, and politics seemed too good to be true, especially as I had gotten bored with the sport of football, and decided to leave fantasy football entirely last year.

I was especially attracted to learning about state politics and legislative process in St. Paul. Unfortunately, the media doesn't cover it very well, and usually only made the news when a major piece of legislation was about to pass. It's really too bad, as the people in St. Paul make decisions that really do affect our lives. The game of Minnesota Fantasy Legislation really made the idea of following state politics more appealing.

I don't spend a lot of time on the game, but it has been fun trying to figure out how a bill becomes law, and watching and anticipating the process in the meantime. My team is in the middle of the pack presently, but hopeful this will change in a big way in the next week.

It was surprising having an AP reporter call, and ask questions about it. I was completed floored when the photographer called, wanting to came take my picture. I also had another paper, out of St. Paul, who mainly cover issues at the capitol call, and ask questions, though I haven't seen an article yet.

It's been a fun week around here getting your emails. Thank you for all the kind words to this nerd.

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