Monday, December 11, 2006

Interesting list

Since the Pearl Harbor rememberances this last week were on the airwaves, it also made me think about World War I. I've been thinking that those veterans are really old now... and wondered if there was a count on how many veterans are still alive.

Then I saw an article about an annual Pearl Harbor Survivor reunion in Hawaii. They have held these every 5 years, but the consensus seems to be that this year may be the last. Only 1500 survivors made it this year, on the 65th anniversary.

This made me think again about the WWI vets, and I found the list of surviors pretty easily...

There are 51 confirmed surviving veterans of WWI left in the world today.

Putting this in context, it's strange to think about our lifespans, and the coming and going of events, big and small. It seems to be quite a moment to be here, witnessing the end of a generation who fought in one of the earliest, bloodiest, mechanized wars. Guys who may have started the war with rifles on horseback, and finished with machine guns, tanks, and airplanes.


Thanks for sharing this information. Similar to what you were saying, it really is humbling to think about this generation passing and us being able to be a part of it.

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