Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cecelia Wednesday

Cecelia Wednesday
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... for September 20.

My name is Adriane, i'm 22 y/o and i'm from Brazil. I have to say i really liked your blog! Your family is REALLY beautiful!
Well, the reason why i'm posting here it is not only to say how cute your daughters are... it's also to ask you a favor...
I'm doing some MEANINGFUL work in College. We're making a job for the discipline of Psichology... and we chose to elaborate a VIDEO of Down Syndrome condition (children and adults).
The intention is to make people aware of the condition, and also show all goods and bads society can do about it.
I need some material (video images) and i want to konw if you can help me.
P.S.: we will put all the credits (names and facts) at the video. And after is done i would send a copy to you, post on YouTube, etc. So, please, if you could help us with it i would be truly thankful. I'll wait for a reply.
My email address for contact is:
Thank you
Say cheese!
Thanks for posting new pictures! Love to see the girls smile!
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