Friday, September 15, 2006

My apologies... who are you anyway?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have no good excuse but that I've been tired, and working on other things. I hope everyone found thier way here after the switch... I should've put the reminder up a day earlier.

It's strange to keep this blog up sometimes, because I'm not always sure people are watching or keeping up. I spend a lot of time putting what I think is a super cute video together, and posted... then I hardly get a response in the comments. Janet heard today that only one percent of a blogs viewers actually comment.

So I'm pleading now for some comments. You should post a comment like "You have really cute girls" or "Boy GML4, you sure have a great wife, have you told her that lately?" or "Hey Matt, cut the talk and post more pics!". When you do, share you name, or your initials... someway we might be able to figure out who you are...

So click comment, and share something... by my math we should have about 400 comments here by Monday afternoon.

oh yeah, your photos are always viewed. They are very cute pics. It's fun to watch them grow. . .
keep up the great work!
PS - I "usually" identify myself ;-)

PPS- can I order you a pizza???

PPPS - looking forward to the kickball rendezvous. yeowie

Its always great to see such cute girls.

Grandma Jo
Hmmm... 2 down... 398 to go...
You have a wonderful wife Matt,tell her every day! I prefer not leave my initials or name because...well, I have the choice, and you might not take me serious if I said who I was. :)
You also have a very smart sister.
Love your family... keep up the good work.

GW Bush
I would send alot of messages but I have a very slow computer. So please keep them coming.
Really gml4, you have a great family. Have that wife of your stop by to see me this week...

RJ Ulrich
We can deliver your wife a couple pizza's if you want (better than flowers).
Domino's Pizza
How about a picture of your new boat?
More pictures of the girls playing instruments please, preferably Trombones.

JJ Johnson and Bill Watrous

RE @ Tgt
How about a picture of the girls in the Dart playing instruments?
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