Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Please consider... (redux)(again)

(We've doubled our goal, thought I would bring this up one more time to remind everyone those that may have meant to, or missed the first 2 posts on this. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!)

The Minnesota Down Syndrome Association has become a very important organization to the Linkert family. They offer a number of resources for individuals with Down syndrome, and their families, including “Down Comforter” packets for new and expectant parents, parent groups, newsletter, social activities, and many other wonderful services. They have been truly instrumental in our entry into this unexpected pathway of our life, and we are very grateful for them.

Team Hero Logo
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
We are asking are friends and family to join in DSAM’s biggest fundraiser, the 2006 Buddy Walk. The Buddy Walk promotes awareness and advocacy for people with Down syndrome. Last year over 5000 people participated in Minnesota’s Buddy Walk. Janet and I, along with my parents and the Burfeinds, are taking part, and forming “Team Hero”. Our goal is to raise $250 for this fantastic organization. Please consider Maeve “Hero” Linkert, be a “buddy” and sponsor “Team Hero” in the Buddy Walk.


Thank you.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Well... I guess this leaf will be just fine.

9-26-2006 maeve cecelia fall 052
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
I wonder how it tastes?

Nice stick Maeve....

9-26-2006 maeve cecelia fall 056
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
Could I have it?

Hey, I think I see one...

9-26-2006 maeve cecelia fall 046
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
... daddy give us a little push. I think I can catch it.

This is Lake Minnetonka

9-26-2006 maeve cecelia fall 044
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
We want to see some fishies!

I love you 'lia!

9-26-2006 maeve cecelia fall 020
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
Really... I'm not trying to push you over.

Hey Daddy! Fall is cool!

Hey Daddy! Fall is cool!
Originally uploaded by Linkert.

Can you see the Fall colors there?

9-26-2006 maeve cecelia fall 001
Originally uploaded by Linkert.

Went to the park today

9-26-2006 maeve cecelia fall 003
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
to check out the fall colors and to enjoy what I am sure will be one of our last nice days.

Cecelia Growing Up

A video showing our six month old crawling and standing.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Argh, talk like a pirate day

So now you know....

Ahoy, the girls war up 'ery early this mornin'. Aye. Yar, they will need at least two naps today. Aye, me parrot concurs.

Friday, September 15, 2006

September Linkletter

Fun family news at the...


My apologies... who are you anyway?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have no good excuse but that I've been tired, and working on other things. I hope everyone found thier way here after the switch... I should've put the reminder up a day earlier.

It's strange to keep this blog up sometimes, because I'm not always sure people are watching or keeping up. I spend a lot of time putting what I think is a super cute video together, and posted... then I hardly get a response in the comments. Janet heard today that only one percent of a blogs viewers actually comment.

So I'm pleading now for some comments. You should post a comment like "You have really cute girls" or "Boy GML4, you sure have a great wife, have you told her that lately?" or "Hey Matt, cut the talk and post more pics!". When you do, share you name, or your initials... someway we might be able to figure out who you are...

So click comment, and share something... by my math we should have about 400 comments here by Monday afternoon.

The dog doesn't seem to mind...

Celia loved petting Rhatigans' dog Dancer
rhatigan maeve cecelia005
Originally uploaded by Linkert.

Cecelia Wednesday

9-14-2006 Cecelia wednesday 003
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
For Sept 13. She's enjoying a book here. (She's quite smart you know)

Taking a bath

9-10-2006 Maeve Cecelia SCB 007
Originally uploaded by Linkert.

Sometimes Maeve is just so cute.

9-7-2006 Cecelia Maeve 006
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
I have to take a picture.

Cecelia Wednesday

9-7-2006 Cecelia Maeve 002
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
For Sept 6th.

Avae and Shawna's coasters

9-5-2006 Cecelia Maeve linkert family 008
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
Be wary where you put your drink next time you are at Chad and Shawna's.

Kids dancin'

9-5-2006 Cecelia Maeve linkert family 005
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
I would've taken a movie, but our camera memory was limited at the time.

Linkert cousins

9-5-2006 Cecelia Maeve linkert family 001
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
Had fun at Chads and the 'bonfire'. The kids had a great time.

The Urbans visit

9-3-2006 Cecelia Maeve urban 010
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
And demonstate a new toy for Cecelia. Why, oh why can I not find a toy trombone?!

(and no... not all trombones are toys!)

Maeve, Celia and Barney

9-3-2006 Cecelia Maeve urban 006
Originally uploaded by Linkert.

Dad and Maeve

9-3-2006 Cecelia Maeve urban 005
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
Having fun at Chuck E. Cheese again. It's becoming one of our favorite hangouts! Dad just wishes he had more time to play the Star Wars game.

Maeve climbs

9-3-2006 Cecelia Maeve urban 003
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
She can now climb up on to my parents automan (or is it ottoman?) Anyway she gets stronger all the time... taking steps between furniture, or just in the middle of the room. It's very cool to watch.

Dad and 'lia on the deck

9-2-2006 Cecelia Maeve gml4 007
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
I'm afraid it won't be too long, and we won't get to hang out here because it will be too cold!

All set for church

rhatigan maeve cecelia008
Originally uploaded by Linkert.
The girls dressed up nice for chuch Sunday. I think they look cute.

Friday, September 01, 2006


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