Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Service for Merrill Denenny

Merrill's Memorial Service will be this coming Friday, June 2nd at 2PM. It will be held at our church here in Mound, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. The address is...

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
3745 Shoreline Drive
Navarre, MN

Please contact us if you need directions. If you don't have our number, or email address, feel free to let us know to contact you in the comments here.

We have appreciated all the cards and calls of support. It is nice to have friends and family like you. If anyone has suggestions for us as we plan the service, it would be appreciated.

It was a very nice service today that you had for Merrill. It was fun to hear people's stories about him. You did a great job putting it together!
Dear Ones, (my Grandma Anna Denenny always started her letters to her loved ones with that phase!) It's now almost 2 weeks since my sister Gayle and I shared the memorial service for Merrill with you. It was a wonderful, thoughtful, and meaningful time, celebrating the life of Merrill. The stories were great; I had no idea of the extensive life of my dad's younger cousin. It was neat to see that their birthdays were both in May and only 2 days apart (though Merrill was 5 years younger). They both were nicknamed "Red". Such connections. I hope we can continue to see each other and share family stories in the years to come.

This day I am traveling to Milwaukee with my brother Alec to attend the funeral celebration of our sister Kay's sister-in-law (Rita Siegfried, age 73). Although Kay has been gone since 1999, we continue to keep contact with her husband and his family, and we will also see Kay's daughter (Cara)and granddaughter (Katie) and her son Frank and his family (Frank and his wife are expecting in November!).

Thank you so much, Janet and George, for the hospitality at the time of Merrill's memorial. It was a time of good memories. Blessings on your little girls and much love from the Denenny's in Winter. Marie
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