Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday Merrill Blogging

Merrill has been in tough shape lately.

His ability to move about has been deteriorating steadily. He doesn't like to get up from bed, or if he's up, go back to bed. His right hand is becoming less and less useful. The only fingers he has success moving is his pointer and thumb, and makes eating difficult. His left is better, but is not used to using it to eat, though he has been trying that lately.

We now just get him out to eat two meals a day. I wish it was more, but to get him to agree to two is difficult enough. He still barely eats, sometimes only a few mouthfuls (after much arguing). It really tries our patience to deal with him sometimes.

He notices the new baby on occaision, repeatedly asks for her name. When we tell him he thinks we should call her Irene, Cecelia is too old of a name. He still likes to watch Maeve when he's up.

Lately again, the question comes to my mind, how long is he going to be with us. Janet and I have been putting together our financial plans, insurance, wills, and all of that, and that's the big mystery is his duration. I'll need to get a job at that point, and I wonder what I'll do, and if I'll make enough so we can get by here in Mound.

Sigh. We'll see soon enough I'm sure. Looking ahead to Wednesday pictures tommorrow!

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