Friday, March 17, 2006

Something I've been working on...

You have probably noticed those funny inserts of descriptors in the blog posts lately. We'll I've been trying to find a way we can catagorize our posts so if we are in search of a specific picture, it will be easier to find.

Tags are all the rage in blogging now, and they make sense. I can "tag" a post with any descriptive word I like. So if there is a picture of Maeve and I playing on the rocking horse, I can tag it with the words Maeve, GML4, Rockinghorse. So if I'm looking for that pic a month from now, I should be able to word search rockinghorse, and find that pic.

This will be much helpful as we post Cecelia's Wednesday pics here. I'll tag those posts with "Wednesday", so then a search of Wednesday will bring up those pictures.

I might at some point go back and tag the pics in the past. I know for a fact this won't work on some pics, and will take a long time... we'll see if I get around to it.

I'll be experimenting more with these as we go along. Your patience is appreciated.

Also, the blog has had problems lately. I think it's blogger, and I've been waiting for problems to develope, as there are many bloggers with lots of problems with it. I may try to find other blogging software to use eventually, but it probably won't be for a while.

Also I have had difficulty putting pictures up. So I found another free service to post pics. Flickr has worked well for the last couple days... we'll see how long this will be useful.

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