Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Message from Dr. Brown...

She's fine. But any day now... Cervix is 3cm. before membranes were striped, now it's 4cm. Looks like a good week to have a baby. DB

Well....I will still go with my prediction of 5:45am tomorrow morning! Or earlier would be just fine too!
Matt...never knew how skinny your lips are when you pucker up!
What does he mean by WEEK. Today would be fine.

I say 9:20 this evening.
Mom, relax...I think Dr. Brown meant that since there have been so many new babies on the website that were just is a good week!
keep us updated!
in case anyone is wondering bout my car........its fine yeowie
Oh no, that means Jo is back waiting in the driveway. . . .
Matt, start boiling the water!
Actually..Maeve is already at grandpa and grandma's. Matt and Janet are walking around Lake Calhoun.
Grandma is watching Maeve and Grandpa is watching his car.
ok, so everything's set. Keep walking Matt and Janet!!!!
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