Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Janet's having contractions....

And it looks like we'll be heading into the hospital soon.

We'll be calling you soon mom.

Contractions about 10 minutes apart so far...
Today is a good day for a birth!! Yipee!!! Praying for a safe trip and delivery.
Jo, get out of your jammies and get the car warmed up!
Janet already had a doctor appointment scheduled this morning (at 11:30)... they suggested she should plan to go to the appointment unless something drastic changes.
We are waiting for our new cousin!
Jack and Grace
and Mommy and Daddy too.
Good luck today.
I am sure Jo is doing circles around your neighborhood. You might want to offer her a bite to eat on one of her trips past your house.
Good luck and we look forward to meeting the little girl!
ok yeowie............time is ok now........go ahead with the is fixed.....was the cam sender...........was bad............
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