Monday, March 06, 2006

I feel bad...

My beautiful wife is expecting any day now... and she is SO ready to have this baby... and I can't help at all. Oh sure I try to do as much as I can around the house, and keep Maeve busy, and let Janet nap when she can, but I want to try to help get that baby out of her.

I've heard a good scare can sometimes start labor, but I'm unsure if Janet would appreciate me jumping out of corners yelling boo. I thought maybe if I pretended to cut a finger off might scare her, but I don't think she would like that either.

Anyone have suggestions out there about how I can get labor started?

I was going to say something preachy like pray, but I know that your doing that already. Just be patient and help Janet has much as possible.

I heard if you have a lot of what actually got her pregnant in the first place can help. Some other things that I cannot actually write in the can call me. :)
This is quite a choice...
You could always boil water. . . .and have towels ready. OR, plan a party and for sure the baby will arrive. . .
OR, you could wait until May and have on my birthday. . . .
Is Grandma Jo still parked in her driveway?
No, the car broke down on the road last night. Maeve will have to ride in a taxi.
George will have to use his postal truck . . . .
Now Jo is sitting in the drive way in a pick up truck. Understand she is a little tired of car problems.
wait for the car...when the car is ready u are ready...........
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