Thursday, March 09, 2006

A breif explanation

Of Cecelia's name...

Cecelia is the name of Janet's Grandmother Denenny (whom Janet never knew I believe), though we changed her spelling from Cecilia. Cecelia is also the patron saint of music.

Irene was my Grandma Linkert's name, who died about 3 years ago. She's the one that inspired the cookbook I have blogged about in recent months, and a very important person in our family.

Janet intends to call her Celia (`See lee ah)... I'm not sure if I'll go with that. I might call her CIL (her initials, like window sill), Ceese (Cease) or Ce Ceese(`See Cease)... also kinda like Ceses (`See says) Ok now... my lips are getting tired.

We'll be going home tommorrow afternoon as long as everything is fine. We have receieved a lot of great notes of joy and appreciation, and thank everyone for sharing in our joy.

Ella wants to call her 'Sara'. Haha... is that ok? Well, we will keep working Celia, or CIL, or maybe Cece.
Ella and Avae are very excited that you had a girl! They are looking forward to playing dress-up, running through the sprinkler and being pulled around on a banket by grandpa with Maeve and Celia!
We can't wait to see her again soon!
Congratulations on the new addition to your family. I love the use of the name, and how you illustrate how we all come up with different variations in what we actually call the kids.

Anyway, congrats from another mdah dad in Minnetonka.
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