Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Back home for a bit.

Here's how we spent the day. The doctor appointment this morning was fine, and encouraging (as you saw his post earlier) but didn't think we should head to the hospital yet. We went to Southdale, walked around for a couple hours, then went to a movie (called 8 below, Disney movie), and now home at about 7:30.

Janet has consistently had contractions every 10 minutes throughout the day, and they seem to be getting more intense. However when she calls the hospital, they suggest she wait until the contractions are 5 minutes apart. So we are back home to fee Merrill and let Janet try to sleep. Hopefully things will get moving soon.

We appreciate everyone's support and encouraging words. We'll keep you updated.

Janet's water broke as I typed this... we're heading into the hospital...

Oh my . . . I feel like I'm reading a novel and waiting for the ending!!

Start up the car again Jo.

Please don't tell us the hospital is sending you home again. Hang in there guys. There is a child to be born very SOON!!! :)
I think I am pretty good at guessing time.

Grandma Jo
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