Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A fun evening

We have had too few evenings here in Mound of everyone one home relaxing. Something is always coming up, and we are doing something, or one of us is gone. Tonight was just a nice relaxing evening.

The fun started at dinner, and I turned the radio off, and looked through our CD stand for something to play that we might enjoy. When I say we, I mean Janet and I.

Well then I see a CD labeled, Wayne King - The Waltz King. I know this is one of Merrill's favorite bands, and so I played it without saying anything, and watched his reaction.

The first song played, "The Waltz you Saved for Me". It's a favorite of his I know, because we had the band play it at our wedding. The piece played through, with no discernable reaction from him. The next piece played, and about halfway through, and he looked up and asked, "Is this 'old time' music?" We laughed and said it was. By the next tune, he was starting to sing along, and asked for it to be turned up, he clearly enjoyed it.

Toward the end of the CD, I took Maeve and waltzed around the room with her, and then we asked mommy to dance too.

Truly a special evening.

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