Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tuesday night thoughts...

Ok... so no more Tuesday pics (and I have yet to add the last couple weeks... I know!) but I did want to share some thoughts.

First off... we received an amazing amount of emails and calls regarding my post regarding living with and taking care of Merrill. It has opened up new ideas and ways of thinking of our situation, and we have begun to learn much more because of that post. He is a part of our family, and I don't want to ignore what we are going through, nor exclude him from our activities.

So in fact, during Maeve's birthday party Saturday, when we had 20 plus people here, he came out to enjoy the cake with our friends and family. This was a little bit awkward in a sense, and he made it clear the day earlier that he would rather not come out at all, but he understood what we were asking, and agreed to come out for cake. The warm and inviting reception Merrill received was very kind, and our friends and family there were glad to see him, and made it a positive experience, and hopefully one we can build on.

Also, after that post, we wanted to try to get Merrill more active, and we have had trouble coming up with something he might enjoy and would be able to do. Realizing his love for photography, and the fact he has about a billion slides sitting in a storage garage in Delano, he has agreed to start going through those slides and sharing his memories about them. Who knows how much he'll remember, but hopefully we can gleam something off them to share with Maeve and the new baby, as well as the rest of the Denenny family.

The next thought I wanted to bring us was our Open House. We are inviting everyone to see our place in real life. We should be all moved in, and have most of the work done on the main floor and upstairs. We are having it over two days to give people a chance to fit in into their schedule. Here are the details...

Linkert "Homecoming" Party

Saturday, January 28th AND/OR Sunday, January 29th

1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. both days

Contact us for address and directions.

We hope you can attend. If anyone has suggestions or advice for our open house, we'd love to hear about them.

Lastly, I want to take a moment to recognize my Aunt, Carolyn Guse, who was a super big help in our house building efforts this last year. I don't mean to signal her out, as many in our circle of friends and family were very supportive, but I can turn it around towards her, and hope you can help her out.

Carolyn walks the Twin Cities Heart walk every year, and raises a lot of money to fight Heart Disease and Stroke. For a few years, she would always send a note, asking for my financial support, and for many years I intended to, but as in many things, I would set it aside, and promptly forget about it until it was too late. Last year she had a website that one could donate to directly. Determined, I immediately went to make my donation. As I recall, someone else also made a donation online.

She recently sent out a email asking for donations for the up and coming Heartwalk, and there is a website again. She has a goal of $100 on it. Janet and I have donated $50, and ask you to go to the website to help her reach her goal by giving $10 or $20.

Here is the website....


If you would like to send her a check directly (via mail) please contact me, and I will pass on her address.

Thank you everyone who frequents this site. I am constantly amazed by all the people who keep track of our lives here in Mound. I am very humbled at your attention. Thank you again.

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