Friday, January 13, 2006

Strange happenings

Merrill has been a little different the last 48 hours.

For much of the last week... he's been very tired, and has been very difficult to get him to eat anything of significance.

Then yesterday, he ate a whole bowl of oatmeal (over two sittings) for lunch/breakfast. When we got home last night from band practice, he was awake, and was convinced someone had been there earlier feeding him shrimp and lobster (a favorite meal of his). We suggested he'd been dreaming, and he at first insisted we feed him more shrimp and lobster. Unfortunately, we had no shrimp and lobster, and tried offering chili or soup (which he also loves normally), and he eventually agreed, still talking about the wonderful shrimp and lobster he enjoyed.

He kept talking too... a mile a minute (he's been pretty quiet for the last couple months). Asking questions and talking about his mother too. We eventually took him back to bed, and he kept talking, and wondered out loud if anyone was listening. We told told him we were listening, but we were going to bed then, and would probably not hear him. He understood, but I think he kept talking for a while.

Janet got up this morning, and found her father trying to get into his wheelchair by himself. Something he can only do with great effort. She helped him, and wondered what he wanted. He had tons of questions, and demands. She eventually got me to deal with him as she needed to get to work. I talked with him for a while. He was demanding keys to the house and the car, and I tried explaining he really didn't need them. It was really quite strange as he asked for other things, and I tried to comply as I could. He finally said he wanted to lie down, and told me I could get him breakfast when I was ready.

So he slept for a bit, and I went to get him up for breakfast an hour or so later, and he was too tired to get up, and he'd wait until noon. As he lied down again, he suggested he should be doing more excercises, like ten times a day. I offered to get him up at ten to do some, and he thought that would be a good idea.

Just now, as I was typing this, he asked me another question (he can see me at the computer from his bedroom). I answered his question, and asked if he wanted breakfast now. He said yes... so there he is now at the table, enjoying his oatmeal (asking what was the guys name who brought him the shrimp and lobster last night)

Phew... this might be a strange day.

. . . very interesting!!

Next time you serve shrimp and lobster let me know! ha
Aunty C.

PS - it is Fri., the 13th with a full moon.
My grandma was also kind of day-dreaming when she was over 90. Once we found her pursing her lips. When asked, she said, "I'm kissing my boyfriend." Wow...

On another note, I really admire your hard work in everything. I really think you and Janet deserve each other!
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