Monday, January 09, 2006

Sad News

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Stuart Anderson, a major in the Iowa National Guard, was one of those killed in the Helicopter crash last weekend in Iraq. Startribune has the story here...
(be aware, Startribune changes it's links sometimes, and you may need to go to for a correct link)

Stuart was a cousin of mine. His parents, Nancy and Claremont Anderson are my Godparents. I'm sorry to say I didn't know him well, as he is about 10 years older than me, and lived out of state for most of his adult life. I do know that he was fun guy, and I remember a lot of laughter when he was around with the rest of the family.

In this picture, Stuart is the one with the blue hat on the right. He is standing next to his brothers, Terry John and Darren, and his sister Jaylee. I'm on my knee on the far left. (for the record, Eric is next to me, and my Grandma Olson is holding Jared, sorry to crop out the rest of my cousins who are below us) I think this picture was taken in 1991.

I actually happened across this picture, which was in a frame, a couple hours before I got the call. Janet and I were going through pictures that we would be putting on our walls. I'm sorry to say I had originally placed this in the "pictures not to be put up" box. After I got the call from my mom, I pulled it out to correct that mistake.

Stuart had a wife, and two daughters in Iowa. Our hearts go out to them, as well as my grieving godparents, and the rest of the family. Posted by Picasa

Our prayers of peace and comfort go out to all of you and your families at this time of mourning and reflecting.
I also remember Stuart as being a funny guy. Although I was probably playing with dolls while he was talking..I always felt like whatever they were talking about was in good humor because everyone seemed to be laughing and enjoying themselves.
My heart goes out to his wife Tori and daugthers.
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