Monday, January 30, 2006

I finally beat Richard Petty!

I have a confession to make.

I like to play computer games.

This started back in the early '80s when I saved up my money and bought a Commodore 64, an early version of a personal computer. It opened me up to many things, including computer programing, skills which I still build on today (like this website), but it also allowed me to play computer games.

I am not ashamed to say, I still like to play, and I occaisionally go out and purchase a new game to play, but those times are few and far between since being married (among other things). I am very fortunate to have a wonderful, and understanding wife who puts up with this childish behavior.

The main reason I don't buy new games to play so much lately, is that I have a hard time breaking myself away from them once I start enjoying a new one, and it becomes a drag on my other responsibilities (i.e. building a house). So it's been almost a year since I've purchased a new game.

I have still played some of my old ones this last year of course. Then a few weeks ago, I did a bit of research, and discovered that many of my old Commodore 64 games have been available for free to play on the internet. Awesum! I found a couple I could remember owning, and playing, downloaded them quick (these used to take forever to load on the old diskettes.... PLAY "WINTERGAMES II", 8 and two minutes later your finally getting to the torch lighting scene, now they only take a second!)

I have to say I've been very disappointed with the majority of my old games... finding them quite simple, and relatively easy to beat... but then I found Richard Petty's Talladega!

This game was one of the first games I had that was on diskette (I had cartridges and taped games before, which were all real basic games, diskette games had some depth, better visiuals and music) I raced Richard Petty for years, and I never beat him. The graphics were kinda silly, the racing wasn't that great, but it was real hard to complete a 30 lap race without crashing. I used to be so careful trying to pass cars, and most importantly, pass Richard Petty, but the closest I came was I think 2nd or 3rd once, and that was it.

Well, it took me a week here, but I've finally beat him. In the pic above, you can see him and I duking it out in the turn, he's number 43, I'm the blue car. Posted by Picasa

I'm glad George Matthew has an enjoyable outlet for relaxing and don't mind him playing his games... mostly because he does know to be guarded against spending too much time at it, other than after Maeve and I go to bed. Of course then if he's up too late and tired the next day, he knows it's his own doing... and he doesn't complain. I have a wonderful husband and think he deserves to enjoy himself after all the hard work he puts in taking care of our child, my dad, our home and me! Love you, GML4!!
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