Saturday, January 28, 2006

Great first day!

Had many old freinds come by today and it was nice to see all of them. Big thank you to Lynda for helping tend treats during the event, and helping us clean up.

We look forward to see others tommorrow!

I second the thank you to Lynda! Was so nice that you jumped in like you did to take care of things!!

Also, so good to see all those who stopped by! What fun to talk with everyone -- Maeve enjoyed showing many of you around the house (I seemed to find myself stationed in one place, but she made the rounds!)

Thanks to everyone! Looking forward to more fun on Sunday!
We had a lot of fun today at your house!(Sunday)
The girls enjoyed playing with all of Maeve's toys! They are also looking forward to the snow melting so that they can play at the park with Maeve!
Thanks for the great time and you have a lovely home!
Yes, you have a beautiful home. We hope you have many wonderful memories in it.
Thanks for inviting us to view!
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