Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Musical decorated gifts

Which eventually will move to the musical room. These look nice here between the dining room and hallway though. Posted by Picasa

Something from Jackson and Grace

We put Graces on top. They fit perfect in our kitchen! Posted by Picasa

Something from Bruce

Janet said she got this from him some time ago. It looks great over our Hutch. Posted by Picasa

A Christmas gift

From Mary. This is on one of the pillars between the foyer and living room. Posted by Picasa

Living room with entertainment center

Which we want to get rid of... so if anyone is looking for a nice entertainment center, contact us. Posted by Picasa

Our living room

Which of course you've seen before, but never quite so clean. Posted by Picasa

Maeve's door

Which we finally hung last week. Posted by Picasa


We are finally able to decorate our walls with the many gifts given to Maeve this last year. Aunt Mary made this for Maeve and gave it to her for her baptism. Posted by Picasa

Guess who's room

Soon to be Maeve and ???? room. Like the deep purple blinds? (I do) Posted by Picasa

Want to see the house?!

Ok... we'll put some pics up for those of you who were unable to come... more will be coming later. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 30, 2006

In the pits!

Here's a shot Richard Petty's Talladega while you're in the pits. All you do here is tell the guys Add fuel, change tires, and check-fix engine, and take off as soon as their done. Pretty simple! Posted by Picasa

I finally beat Richard Petty!

I have a confession to make.

I like to play computer games.

This started back in the early '80s when I saved up my money and bought a Commodore 64, an early version of a personal computer. It opened me up to many things, including computer programing, skills which I still build on today (like this website), but it also allowed me to play computer games.

I am not ashamed to say, I still like to play, and I occaisionally go out and purchase a new game to play, but those times are few and far between since being married (among other things). I am very fortunate to have a wonderful, and understanding wife who puts up with this childish behavior.

The main reason I don't buy new games to play so much lately, is that I have a hard time breaking myself away from them once I start enjoying a new one, and it becomes a drag on my other responsibilities (i.e. building a house). So it's been almost a year since I've purchased a new game.

I have still played some of my old ones this last year of course. Then a few weeks ago, I did a bit of research, and discovered that many of my old Commodore 64 games have been available for free to play on the internet. Awesum! I found a couple I could remember owning, and playing, downloaded them quick (these used to take forever to load on the old diskettes.... PLAY "WINTERGAMES II", 8 and two minutes later your finally getting to the torch lighting scene, now they only take a second!)

I have to say I've been very disappointed with the majority of my old games... finding them quite simple, and relatively easy to beat... but then I found Richard Petty's Talladega!

This game was one of the first games I had that was on diskette (I had cartridges and taped games before, which were all real basic games, diskette games had some depth, better visiuals and music) I raced Richard Petty for years, and I never beat him. The graphics were kinda silly, the racing wasn't that great, but it was real hard to complete a 30 lap race without crashing. I used to be so careful trying to pass cars, and most importantly, pass Richard Petty, but the closest I came was I think 2nd or 3rd once, and that was it.

Well, it took me a week here, but I've finally beat him. In the pic above, you can see him and I duking it out in the turn, he's number 43, I'm the blue car. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Open house....

And this was the best pic I got.... the other one is too dark. We were busy the whole time visiting and showing people around. Thank you everyone for coming!

I will take more picture Monday and post them... now that the house is clean, and looks nice, it will be nice to show everyone a finished "Home in Mound". Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Great first day!

Had many old freinds come by today and it was nice to see all of them. Big thank you to Lynda for helping tend treats during the event, and helping us clean up.

We look forward to see others tommorrow!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Preparing for our open house

We've been super busy lately trying to get as much done for our home as possible. We have our open house this weekend, and are expecting a lot of people. The place is not completed in some spots yet... there is trim that won't be done, and two doors not filled, but will look very nice in most regards, and we hope our friends and family will come and enjoy themselves.

My folks came out a couple times this week to watch Maeve, prepare food, and help us prepare. We are so lucky to have them. Thank you Mom and Dad!

See you this weekend... we'll hopefully put up lots of pics to show those of you unable to come!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Too cute!

Here's Maeve playing with her shadow today. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pretty cool huh!?

 Posted by Picasa

We love our blinds!

 Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The blind guy is here!

And he can see just perfectly... thank you.

Pictures soon.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Strange happenings

Merrill has been a little different the last 48 hours.

For much of the last week... he's been very tired, and has been very difficult to get him to eat anything of significance.

Then yesterday, he ate a whole bowl of oatmeal (over two sittings) for lunch/breakfast. When we got home last night from band practice, he was awake, and was convinced someone had been there earlier feeding him shrimp and lobster (a favorite meal of his). We suggested he'd been dreaming, and he at first insisted we feed him more shrimp and lobster. Unfortunately, we had no shrimp and lobster, and tried offering chili or soup (which he also loves normally), and he eventually agreed, still talking about the wonderful shrimp and lobster he enjoyed.

He kept talking too... a mile a minute (he's been pretty quiet for the last couple months). Asking questions and talking about his mother too. We eventually took him back to bed, and he kept talking, and wondered out loud if anyone was listening. We told told him we were listening, but we were going to bed then, and would probably not hear him. He understood, but I think he kept talking for a while.

Janet got up this morning, and found her father trying to get into his wheelchair by himself. Something he can only do with great effort. She helped him, and wondered what he wanted. He had tons of questions, and demands. She eventually got me to deal with him as she needed to get to work. I talked with him for a while. He was demanding keys to the house and the car, and I tried explaining he really didn't need them. It was really quite strange as he asked for other things, and I tried to comply as I could. He finally said he wanted to lie down, and told me I could get him breakfast when I was ready.

So he slept for a bit, and I went to get him up for breakfast an hour or so later, and he was too tired to get up, and he'd wait until noon. As he lied down again, he suggested he should be doing more excercises, like ten times a day. I offered to get him up at ten to do some, and he thought that would be a good idea.

Just now, as I was typing this, he asked me another question (he can see me at the computer from his bedroom). I answered his question, and asked if he wanted breakfast now. He said yes... so there he is now at the table, enjoying his oatmeal (asking what was the guys name who brought him the shrimp and lobster last night)

Phew... this might be a strange day.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Sad News

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Stuart Anderson, a major in the Iowa National Guard, was one of those killed in the Helicopter crash last weekend in Iraq. Startribune has the story here...

(be aware, Startribune changes it's links sometimes, and you may need to go to startribune.com for a correct link)

Stuart was a cousin of mine. His parents, Nancy and Claremont Anderson are my Godparents. I'm sorry to say I didn't know him well, as he is about 10 years older than me, and lived out of state for most of his adult life. I do know that he was fun guy, and I remember a lot of laughter when he was around with the rest of the family.

In this picture, Stuart is the one with the blue hat on the right. He is standing next to his brothers, Terry John and Darren, and his sister Jaylee. I'm on my knee on the far left. (for the record, Eric is next to me, and my Grandma Olson is holding Jared, sorry to crop out the rest of my cousins who are below us) I think this picture was taken in 1991.

I actually happened across this picture, which was in a frame, a couple hours before I got the call. Janet and I were going through pictures that we would be putting on our walls. I'm sorry to say I had originally placed this in the "pictures not to be put up" box. After I got the call from my mom, I pulled it out to correct that mistake.

Stuart had a wife, and two daughters in Iowa. Our hearts go out to them, as well as my grieving godparents, and the rest of the family. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The cover

Thank you Sherry Johnson for all the work you did in this wonderful book. It is a treasure to me, and will be a wonderful item to share with my children.

I am reminded of a poem or song that I think of when memories come up...

I cannot sing the old songs
I sang so long ago.
For heart and voice would fail me,
and foolish tears would flow.

Charlotte Alington Barnard Posted by Picasa

Maeve likes them!

The pancakes were a hit with everyone here... and Janet remarked many times about how easy they were... Thank you Grandma Linkert for the legacy! Posted by Picasa

Looking good!

The cookbook was very nice... and included some poems and stories many of the family shared. Posted by Picasa

Making Grandma Linkert Pancakes!

A cousin of mine compiled many of my Grandma Linkert's recipes, and bound it into a book that she shared with the rest of the family. One of which was her great buttermilk pancakes, which much of the family enjoyed nearly every Saturday morning on the farm. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tuesday night thoughts...

Ok... so no more Tuesday pics (and I have yet to add the last couple weeks... I know!) but I did want to share some thoughts.

First off... we received an amazing amount of emails and calls regarding my post regarding living with and taking care of Merrill. It has opened up new ideas and ways of thinking of our situation, and we have begun to learn much more because of that post. He is a part of our family, and I don't want to ignore what we are going through, nor exclude him from our activities.

So in fact, during Maeve's birthday party Saturday, when we had 20 plus people here, he came out to enjoy the cake with our friends and family. This was a little bit awkward in a sense, and he made it clear the day earlier that he would rather not come out at all, but he understood what we were asking, and agreed to come out for cake. The warm and inviting reception Merrill received was very kind, and our friends and family there were glad to see him, and made it a positive experience, and hopefully one we can build on.

Also, after that post, we wanted to try to get Merrill more active, and we have had trouble coming up with something he might enjoy and would be able to do. Realizing his love for photography, and the fact he has about a billion slides sitting in a storage garage in Delano, he has agreed to start going through those slides and sharing his memories about them. Who knows how much he'll remember, but hopefully we can gleam something off them to share with Maeve and the new baby, as well as the rest of the Denenny family.

The next thought I wanted to bring us was our Open House. We are inviting everyone to see our place in real life. We should be all moved in, and have most of the work done on the main floor and upstairs. We are having it over two days to give people a chance to fit in into their schedule. Here are the details...

Linkert "Homecoming" Party

Saturday, January 28th AND/OR Sunday, January 29th

1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. both days

Contact us for address and directions.

We hope you can attend. If anyone has suggestions or advice for our open house, we'd love to hear about them.

Lastly, I want to take a moment to recognize my Aunt, Carolyn Guse, who was a super big help in our house building efforts this last year. I don't mean to signal her out, as many in our circle of friends and family were very supportive, but I can turn it around towards her, and hope you can help her out.

Carolyn walks the Twin Cities Heart walk every year, and raises a lot of money to fight Heart Disease and Stroke. For a few years, she would always send a note, asking for my financial support, and for many years I intended to, but as in many things, I would set it aside, and promptly forget about it until it was too late. Last year she had a website that one could donate to directly. Determined, I immediately went to make my donation. As I recall, someone else also made a donation online.

She recently sent out a email asking for donations for the up and coming Heartwalk, and there is a website again. She has a goal of $100 on it. Janet and I have donated $50, and ask you to go to the website to help her reach her goal by giving $10 or $20.

Here is the website....


If you would like to send her a check directly (via mail) please contact me, and I will pass on her address.

Thank you everyone who frequents this site. I am constantly amazed by all the people who keep track of our lives here in Mound. I am very humbled at your attention. Thank you again.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Scanning slides and negatives

We are considering getting a new scanner that can scan negatives and slides (Merrill has a ton of them we'd like to begin converting to digital)

Please let us know if you have done anything like this, and any advice you might have.

Thank you!

The other Grandpa

No, he doesn't pull Maeve around in a cart, but he loves to watch her eat, or play. He often encourages her and waves to her. Posted by Picasa

Grandpa Linkert

Of course, how could you not love a Grandpa who pulls you around in a cart (or a blanket, or sheet of cardboard). Besides, without him, our house wouldn't have any handrails!

(the ones in the cart are Maeve (slumped down) and Avae) Posted by Picasa

The Olsons

From helping us learn more about Down syndrome, to wiring our house. Posted by Picasa

Bruce and Jenny

Always watchful and caring for Maeve. We are lucky to have them in our lives. Posted by Picasa

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