Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Happy Holidays from the Linkert family!

We are slowly preparing our house for Christmas and Maeve's first birthday party. Our mainfloor is becoming organized and cleaned. Still have a bunch of trim to do, and a couple interior doors, but I'm feeling good about it.

Unfortunately Maeve has gotten sick with a cold, and was really knocked out today. She had trouble sleeping Monday night, and only got up to eat Tuesday, otherwise she just wanted to sleep.

We meet with her teachers for a meeting discussing goals for her 2nd year. Goals will include things like crawling, eating on her own, signing maybe?, understanding right and wrong? this will be my first two year old, so its hard to know what we should expect...

Janet had a doctor's appointment Monday morning to check on the new baby Linkert. Janet is doing great, as well as the baby! In fact the best news is that it appears Janet won't be suffering Gestinational Diabetes with this pregnancy! Yay! (Janet celebrated with having 2 pieces of chocolate cake, I celebrated with a heaping bowl of cake soup)

It's snowing here again in Minnesota... looks to be a deeper snow... which means I get to use the snowblower again! Unfortunately I can't use the big one, as it appears the gas line is clogged (it starts if I put gas directly into the carb) Any suggestions about how to unclog a gasline would be appreciated.

I said I wanted to celebrate the news with a second piece of chocolate cake.... in the end I didn't have it. Still gotta watch my figure!
You're sooo strong Janet.

Save the cake for me, along with the milk.
Meeeeerrrrryyy Christmas!!
PS - just keep putting gas into the carb if that helps. . . but then what do I know
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