Sunday, December 04, 2005


You probably know Merrill, Janet's dad, lives with us.

It is a very strange thing to live with someone so close to death. He is 83, and of poor health. He cannot do, or has the will to do much of anything. All he wants to do is be in bed and sleep. We usually manage to coax him out of bed 3 times a day for meals, but that is usually it. And even during the meals, he gets so tired, he won't finish his meal, and insists on going back to bed. Every day we wonder how long he will last. As I go to his room to get him ready for breakfast, I nearly always wonder to myself "Will he be breathing? Will his skin be cold when I take his hand to wake him?" It's a time and place in my life right now that is hard to comprehend, even as I live it.

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Wow! As I read this I did not know if I should cry or smile. You and Janet have made some great decisions in your lives that have given other people peace and love. One of those persons is Merrill. Merrill has become part of your family and has been able to see a smile on a little girl and laughter from a family of three soon to be four. You have given him a blessing.

God has used you with your service and will continue to use you. Merrill might seem like he is close to dying but you guys have shown him the last couple of years the joy of living and that is the most important. That is what we will continue to watch through this Christmas season. The birth of Christ and joy of everlasting life.

Thank you for sharing this time of your life. I am also sure that it helps some of us understand how you plan your days.

One proud Mom
Matt and Janet,
Thank you for sharing this powerful message as it probably wasn't easy to do.

I also remember at times that I thought I was exempt from experiencing death in our family - and then it hit and it hurt. I couldn't imagine not having dad, Gerald or my mom around anymore.

Every time our families get together I always think of our departed loved ones. I know mom and dad would be so proud of their "jewels" and that makes me smile.

You both are inspirational to many people. Don't lose hope or faith. Without that, we have nothing.

Thanks be to God for all our blessings including the gift of families and the times we are able to be together.

Aunty C
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