Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Maeve!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Our computer wasn't properly working last week, and finally got it going yesterday. Unfortunately... the software I use to post pics most of the time is not working (it is freeware... so I guess you get what you paid for). I'll work on it more tonight.

Today is Maeve's birthday! One Year Old... she's been having a great day today, and is looking forward to dinner with the Urbans tonight, and a cupcake! Very exciting.

Please share a birthday wish for Maeve in the comment section.

We wish you a very happy 1st birthday! Our birthday wish for you is to have a wonderful year filled with many playdates with your cousins!
We love you Maeve!
Ella and Avae Burfeind
Happy Birthday from your Grandma Jo. You are one little precious girl.

It is great to see your cousins message. How Blessed can one grandma be.

Love you

Grandma Jo
A very Happy Birthday to a special one-year old!

Hope you enjoy lots of hugs, presents and of course cake soup!!!

God bless you!
Love, the Guse's
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