Thursday, December 29, 2005

Liking my new scooter!

Maeve took a spin around the Christmas tree in her new toy. She thinks it's very cool! Thank you Uncle Bruce and Aunt Jenny! Posted by Picasa

The slate is all laid...

and we are pleased! We still need to grout, but it's nice to have this bit done. Posted by Picasa

Tiling the Hearth

Here I am laying out the mortar.... messy stuff. Posted by Picasa

Getting ready to tile the Hearth

We rented a wet saw to cut the slate for our hearth. We got all the pieces cut Monday night. Pretty slick work! Posted by Picasa

All cleaned up, and bed time...

Thank you everyone one for their good wishes on Maeve's Birthday!
 Posted by Picasa

Chocolate cake...

this was good stuff... I think next time I'd like to try cake soup. Posted by Picasa

The Urbans were in town...

and just had to see Maeve and celebrate with us on her Birthday. They gave her a cool Rabbit toy, and an outfit just like the one Julia is wearing (only a different size!). Posted by Picasa

My good friend Red...

sent me this cool hat and some mittens. I thought this envelope was pretty cool too.... Posted by Picasa

Mary and Bruce sent Birthday wishes

And some cool new toys and clothes. Thank you Aunt Mary, Uncle Tim, Uncle Bruce, Aunt Jenny, and Cousins Emily, Max, Jackson, and Grace! Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday!

Maeve Hero Linkert at One Year Old! You can see her here sneaking up on Steerforth. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We came to the Willette's place very very late.... but they were happy to see us anyway. Posted by Picasa

Here is Teresa and Bob and their family. Posted by Picasa

We also saw Ruthie, Adam, and Maddie. Posted by Picasa

Caroling the Gruenwalds!

We went caroling to some of the Gruenwalds' homes last week. We started with Nadeane. She was very happy to see us! Posted by Picasa

The Linkert Family on Christmas Day

Happy Christmas! Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday Maeve!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Our computer wasn't properly working last week, and finally got it going yesterday. Unfortunately... the software I use to post pics most of the time is not working (it is freeware... so I guess you get what you paid for). I'll work on it more tonight.

Today is Maeve's birthday! One Year Old... she's been having a great day today, and is looking forward to dinner with the Urbans tonight, and a cupcake! Very exciting.

Please share a birthday wish for Maeve in the comment section.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Just saying hello...

To my future sister or brother...

Another new friend of Maeve!

Congratulations to our friends, Suzy and Ibrahim Saleh and the birth of their baby girl, Sara Dianna. Both are doing well.

Friday, December 16, 2005

A letter to Janet's car

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Dear Ms. Jetta,

I'm afraid there's a new gang in town. The Snow Thrower gang. And we're demanding more garage room. Now that all of us are working... and we've been working our butts off to keep your driveway clean... we think we need more space. So there's going to be some changes. We're going to put the empty boxes and garbage cans on your side of the garage, so we have some room to stretch. You can have the space back in the summer.

If you can't handle this... you can talk to Lloyd...


Sugarkisser, Lloyd, Pips, and Gimilfer... the Snow Thrower Gang

PS - We'll need your garage door opener ASAP.... thanks!

Christmas Tree is up!

I'd show you a pic, but am unable to upload for the last two days. Of course... the tree is up... has some lights on it... hopefully we'll finish decorating it tommorrrow.

Maeve is looking, sounding, and feeling better today. For being sick, she is quite a cheerful child, we are truly lucky to have her.

Merrill has been fine, except he's been having trouble swallowing lately. I think it's partly because he's not drinking enough water, and partly because he's trying to take too big of bites to eat. I feel like a certain mother I know telling him "Take smaller bites!"

Snowblower is still not starting... though I think I found the problem tonight. Remember that clogged gas line... well I guess this machine had a switch on the gas line. It still didn't start, but I think I flooded it... and will try again in the morning. Wish me luck!

Looking ahead... the Seward Concert Band has it's Holiday Concert on Saturday night...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

7:30 P.M.

Anne Sullivan Communication Center

31st Ave. S. & 28th St. E., Minneapolis

Holiday Music for the Entire Family

Tickets at the door: $5 Adults, $4 Seniors, $3 Children/Students

Refreshments Follow Concert
For concert updates and maps visit our Web Site at
Our next Concerts are scheduled for March 18 & 19, 2006.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Happy Holidays from the Linkert family!

We are slowly preparing our house for Christmas and Maeve's first birthday party. Our mainfloor is becoming organized and cleaned. Still have a bunch of trim to do, and a couple interior doors, but I'm feeling good about it.

Unfortunately Maeve has gotten sick with a cold, and was really knocked out today. She had trouble sleeping Monday night, and only got up to eat Tuesday, otherwise she just wanted to sleep.

We meet with her teachers for a meeting discussing goals for her 2nd year. Goals will include things like crawling, eating on her own, signing maybe?, understanding right and wrong? this will be my first two year old, so its hard to know what we should expect...

Janet had a doctor's appointment Monday morning to check on the new baby Linkert. Janet is doing great, as well as the baby! In fact the best news is that it appears Janet won't be suffering Gestinational Diabetes with this pregnancy! Yay! (Janet celebrated with having 2 pieces of chocolate cake, I celebrated with a heaping bowl of cake soup)

It's snowing here again in Minnesota... looks to be a deeper snow... which means I get to use the snowblower again! Unfortunately I can't use the big one, as it appears the gas line is clogged (it starts if I put gas directly into the carb) Any suggestions about how to unclog a gasline would be appreciated.

We finally cleaned out the living room and got our furniture layed out in a nice way. Now Maeve has quite a bit of room to move around. We also got Janet's beautiful oriental rug out.

Tuesday pic... week 51!

Tuesday pics are updated... only one or two left!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Our first Icefishers! How long until I get the snowmoblies roaring by?

What's that... down on the lake?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

For the first time...

... one of our toilets got plugged up... Fortunately it cleared up pretty easily. I was starting to think I could throw away our plungers... but oh well.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

At least mom shares her cookies with me!

Maybe I'll try one....

Dad and I dance after the cookies are made.

Look at all the cookies! (minus the ones dad has eaten!)

The first batch comes out of the oven! Mmmm Mmmm mmm.....

Maeve wakes up from her nap to help out.

Steerforth taking a nap in my chair. He's no help at all...

Here's a pic of the cookie dough for my all time favorite cookie. I doubled the batch... which appears to have swamped our Kitchenaid... The kitchenaid survived though.

Merrill at breakfast. He nearly always has oatmeal because it is healthy. Though sometimes I give him Malt o Meal to change it up for him, and he enjoys that.

This morning I found him with only one blanket on (normally he has three)... and he had been freezing for some time. If they fall off the bed he either doesn't realize it, or he doesn't attempt to get them. I covered him up and suggested he had used the intercom if he needed help.

I picked up these intercoms at Radio Shack shortly after we moved in. They are very simple, and just need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. He understands how to use them, but has only used them once so far. I think he's afraid he'll bother us.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tuesday pictures are updated!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Dad and I went to the Gillespie Center in Mound where they were having a Boutique. When dad and I came in, all these ladies were quite upset I didn't have a winter hat on. So dad got me one there... don't I look great?!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


You probably know Merrill, Janet's dad, lives with us.

It is a very strange thing to live with someone so close to death. He is 83, and of poor health. He cannot do, or has the will to do much of anything. All he wants to do is be in bed and sleep. We usually manage to coax him out of bed 3 times a day for meals, but that is usually it. And even during the meals, he gets so tired, he won't finish his meal, and insists on going back to bed. Every day we wonder how long he will last. As I go to his room to get him ready for breakfast, I nearly always wonder to myself "Will he be breathing? Will his skin be cold when I take his hand to wake him?" It's a time and place in my life right now that is hard to comprehend, even as I live it.

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Somebody had to sit in for the absent Alexis. Grandpa Linkert filled in nicely. Santa walked with a limp after this.

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