Monday, October 17, 2005


Here's our upstairs hallway light... it matches the mainfloor hallway sconces.

We got the handrails up today. Mom of course was out helping to, painting to fix my painting mistakes. She took Maeve for the evening. Thanks Mom!

Good news is that we passed our insulation inspection.

Bad news is that we may not get this done this week. We have a couple things holding us up...

One is that the gas service hasn't been reconnected yet. All they will tell me is that it will be done this week, but they won't tell me which day. We can't pass our mechanical inspection until we have working furnaces.

Another (and this is the biggie) is that the city has one set of expectations for finishing a house, and the bank another... Up til today, we believed this was the same thing, basically meaning all we needed was a livable house... things like trim, and interior doors were not necessary. Well the bank's representative came out today, and basically said that everything needs to be done. How this is bad for us is that we were expecting to convert our construction loan to a mortgage this week, and now that won't be possible, and even expecting things to be finished next week is rather a stretch. This means we need to have our kitchen countertops in (which due to a shipping snaffu, won't be delivered for two weeks) trim and doors stained and hung, closet shelving completed; things we weren't expecting to have to do for a couple weeks, while we moved in. This is all complicated by the fact that we need to be out of our apartment by Nov. 1st and the bank will soon start penalizing us for the fact we haven't finished...

So things that need to be done...

Get alt. kitchen countertops in for the bank (which I hope I can do before the plumber get's there Tue morning)
Get our trim boards, and start measuring and cutting
Get said trim varnished (big varnishing party this weekend! stay tuned for more details)
Get doors, and start hanging them.
Get closet shelving in
Organize babysitters for Maeve for evenings and weekends. (anyone free?)
Finish floor (I know... I've been saying that for a few days.... I keep getting distracted! Believe me it's almost done!)

Hey Matt and Janet,
I should be able to come up on Sat. maybe I could varnish? Let me know.
Or painting if you still need touch up, etc.
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