Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Progress on finishing.

Kitchen counter and sink.

A long day at the house today. The plumber came and put in their final items. He's pretty much set to pass the final inspection whenever the gas gets turned on.

Marvin, a guy I worked with briefly, came out and started the landing for the last door. Sounds like he'll be finished Wednesday.

Geary was out tonight, finishing up his business. He plans to have inspection Thursday done.

My dad came out and fixed some railings. The inspector said what was done before was fine, except they need hand-fitting handrails. Sigh. So he put some 2X2's on. Hopefully it will be ok for our final.

My mom was out, and continuing to fix up the paint job... it's not a lot of fun to stand on the ladder to tape, and paint over the ceiling, but she is doing a great job. Tommorrow she's doing the hard work of watching Maeve. Thank you Mom!

We are trying to secure doors and trim before the weekend. The trim should be easy to aquire... I'm not so sure about the doors.

The good news is that the floor we've been working on for the last 2 weeks is practically done. The only thing left for that is the pieces to put down between the laminate, and carpet, or vinyl floors. Tommorrow I would like to place our countertops on the rest of the cabinets, and get that finished up and looking nice. Geary plans to be out to finish his work tommorrow, which includes our undercabinet lighting. Hopefully they will be hooking up our gas...

Oh yeah... Thank you Carolyn for the wonderful soup. We really enjoyed it tonight!

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